• Vegan, Cruelty free– All of our products are free of animal products and are independently sustainable to assure no cruelty to animal habitat. Our palm oil has been farmed and harvested according to standards established by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which promotes planting and harvesting palm oil in a sustainable manner.
  • Ecofriendly (toxin free) – No artificial coloring or scent is added to our products. Our soaps are biodegradable. Our soy candles reduce soot by 90% over most traditional candles.
  • Natural eco colors– our color is obtained by using natural herbal plant and root powders.
  • Socially responsible (10% to ocean clean up) – Our beautiful oceans are dying and many of our seashores are covered in plastic waste, it is up to us to save them. Hidden Beach Soap Company donates 10% of annual profits to The Coral Restoration Foundation (CRG) Non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state.

Handcrafted and Inspired by Nature

Hidden Beach Soap Company’s handcrafted soap was inspired by the love of northern California coastal seashore with its pine and redwood trees, crashing white water, meadows of wildflower and hidden beaches. This love of the enchanting coast combined with the love of nature and a respect for our environment created a vision of delivering these natural elements in the form of an enchanting experience of scents to transport you to the beach. Along with property located on the ocean bluff comes a passion for growing beautiful lavender, rosemary, mint and various flowers and herbs.  As a small soap company we are transparent, our ingredients are transparent-vegetable oils and herbs and lack the harsh chemicals often found in mass manufactured soaps.

We are contributing 10% of all profits annually to The coral restoration foundation (CRG) Non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state.

Enchant Your Senses

Our products are created to remind you of a trip to a hidden beach along the rustic, redwood coast and the things you encounter along the way (trees, bark, seaweed, kelp, rain, wind, fog, sun, salt). It’s a spiritual journey– We like to say, “Transition yourself to the beach”. We all have a favorite seashore memory, perhaps it is a hidden sandy beach or a seaside meadow. Hidden Beach Soap will mean something different to each of us. It could be a place you think of when you need to relax, it is a place in your past or a happy place in time that soothed your soul.  We can transition ourselves to the beach by simply using our imagination or with visualization and meditation. It is said that scents awaken our memories. Our soap scents are aligned with awaking good feeling within us and memories that help take you to that favorite place.  Enhance the shower or bath experience and transition yourself.

An Experience of Nature

Our products deliver the experience you might find in nature along the seashore. Our soaps include scents of flowers you would find growing on a seaside bluff meadow, herbs you would discover along a beach or forest trail, the tones and notes of an old growth majestic redwood tree and  natural scents specially formulated to remind you of stormy seaside afternoon, a surprising cloudburst or a relaxing sunny day at a hidden beach.

Hidden Beach Soap Co.
Sonoma County, CA