Our Soap Story

We Believe in Making Quality, Naturally Sourced Products

“People want natural homemade products particularly in items they consume or place on their bodies. People love Hidden Beach Soaps for so many reasons, but what I hear the most is how the soap makes them feel.”

~Russ Anger, Founder

Our Quality Guarantee

Hidden Beach Soaps are handcrafted in small batches in our home/factory located in beautiful Forestville, CA at the Red Chateau in the Russian River Wine Valley of Sonoma County just inland from the Sonoma coastline. Each bar is made, cut, and boxed or wrapped by hand. Our soaps are all natural, vegan, toxin free and cruelty free. We use only finest ingredients, essential oils, no perfume fragrance, no artificial colorants.

We use sweet almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil in all our soaps for a luxurious experience. Only sustainable palm oil is used which has been farmed and harvested according to standards establish by the RSPO. Our packaging is always environmentally friendly, recyclable and no plastics are ever used.  Our love of nature and the seashore created these soaps with exquisite scent blends that both intoxicate, delight, lather and moisturize leaving you feeling as if you took yourself to the seashore to rejuvenate your body and lift your spirit.

Company Founder: Russ Anger

New RussMany years ago, I discovered my passion for foraging herbs and crafting healthy items for myself and friends. Over time I found myself fascinated with healthy natural herbal soaps and eventually my soap obsession included crafting handmade soaps as well. My love for ocean kayaking, foraging seaweed, exploring seaside trails and discovering treasures along the beaches is the secret behind every Hidden Beach Soap Co. product.

A poet by nature I also have a respect for the world we live in and I am passionate about saving our planet and oceans for future generations, which is why a percentage of the profits from Hidden Beach Soap Co. is dedicated toward supporting the health of our oceans. I try to live by a rule of spreading peace, love, and joy and these are perhaps the invisible ingredients in every bar of soap we make.

Hidden Beach Soap Co.
Sonoma County, CA